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This is the Unisys E.O.M. Capabilities Manual in PDF format.
This Evaulation Guide has been put together to assist you in getting E.O.M. installed and working. It will take you through the Installation process and get you to the point where you will send a data file into E.O.M. and it will print out the graphically enhanced output. If you carry on to the end of the Evaluation Help Guide document you will eventually send out your data file in enhanced graphical format, as a PDF file attached to an Email. There are also two videos on YouTube, Importing Configurations  , Creating a Print Job  , which should also help you through this evaluation process.
The Evaluation Help Guide is in PDF format.
This is a ZIP file, which contains the E.O.M. Configurations, and data input to be used during the E.O.M. Evaluation process.
This is a ZIP file, which contains the E.O.M. Configurations, and data to be used for the Email demonstration.
This is a ZIP file, which contains some examples of the different data formats that may be used as input data to E.O.M. There is a ReadMeFirst text document which describes some of these formats, and there are also some examples.
This is a Global DDA which you can pass Dollars/Cents in numeric form, and get back in Dollar and Cents form, and as a word string. For example from your database:  3,653.20  or 3653.20 would come back as :- $3,653.20 and
Three Thousand Six Hundred & Fifty Three Dollars & Twenty Cents.
The Software Release Notes for E.O.M. 13.0 in PDF format.