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You can use the Output Manager Web Assistant to post PDF, HTML, text files, and other file types on a Web page. From there, the files can be downloaded and viewed. This method works well for automatically placing specific data processed through the Enterprise Output Manager file-masking feature onto an intranet Web page, or for posting less-sensitive information to an Internet Web site where it can be accessed by the general public. There’s even a search screen where your customers can find files based on one or more criteria, like Customer Number, Document type etc.

Web Assistant is a separately priced optional product, and is primarily used in-house over your intranet. It stores the information about your files in a MS SQL Server Database. This gives you the option to write your own Web Interface for your Internet users. As part of what is required to make the Web Assistant software to work, is in the basic E.O.M. product, you could write you own Web Assistant  type application, and thus not have to purchase the Unisys Web Assistant. However having the Unisys Web Assistant product does make setting up access to your documents over the Internet, a whole lot easier than reinventing the wheel again.
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