If you would like to try out the Evaluation copy of this software, then I offer you the opportunity to present me with a Challenge to develop a prototype E.O.M. Job to handle some systems output scenario that you may currently have, or may be planning for in the near future. For example you may now produce invoices on pre-printed stationary and would now like to modernize that output to be printed on blank paper or letterhead paper, along with an electronic form. You may also wish to email some, but not all the invoices.
If you would like to send me an overview specification, then we could work on the detail of what you need to provide and what I will provide. Basically in terms of data from the application, I need that in an ASCII text type format. This could be created by writing a ASCII text file, or printing the output to a Windows printer using the Generic / Text driver and setting that printer to print to a file. I would also need a mockup of what you would like to see as an end result.
Even if your scenario is not just normal printing, but perhaps printed output with a twist, then still give me the opportunity to consider the challenge. With E.O.M. I can produce pdf files, csv files, email, send Postscript files to a FAX Server, put pdf files on your web server etc.
The prototype will be given to you in a package, which you can install on your E.O.M. Evaluation version and try it out. The package will be yours at no cost and thus if you purchase the appropriate E.O.M. Edition and module features. You will have one job now working with E.O.M., and will be able to now capitalize on that purchase by creating more jobs of your own.
You can normally expect to receive the prototype within 1 to 3 days.
For more information on input data formats and output results, download the following zip file.  The Challenge Data and review the ReadMeFirst document.
You can send your Challenge Request to info@wantitconsulting.co.nz.

I reserve the right to accept or decline the challenge.