Print Backup & Print Preview

Backup & Archive
Your print files can be backed up and archived for later reference. E.O.M. also comes with a File Expiration and Search capability, which provides a means to easily and efficiently delete outdated backup or indexed files. Once the desired directory paths have been configured and established, the folders are automatically examined at regular intervals and expired files are deleted. You can also index the pages in your files based on key information on each page or group of pages. E.O.M. can later be used to search for only the pages of particular files that match your search criteria. The results of your search can be submitted as a new Enterprise Output Manager job.

View Data Online
You can search quickly through online print files to locate information, such as a client’s address, a component part number, or financial data. Online searching gives you an opportunity to decide what pages, if any, you need to print. Print Preview, the Enterprise Output Manager file viewer, lets you view the updated or re-engineered version of each document. It lets you zoom in/zoom out, view multiple files simultaneously, copy and paste data into other applications, and mark files as checked. Unlike other file viewers, E.O.M. gives you extensive information about the files it manages—such as when and where the file was created, the original file name, and the file size—and provides easy-to-use interfaces to find the files you want to view. Below is a print file as viewed through the Print Preview screen of the Enterprise Output Manager file viewer.