Input/Output Queue Management

All that happens inside Enterprise Output Manager (E.O.M.) revolves around Queues. There are a number of Input Queues and Output Queues, and as such Queue management is vital. All of the Job Queues are multi-threading, and you can control the number of Input and Output queues you want available, so as to maximize the throughput of those queues that are real-time sensitive.

All these queues have their own management window within E.O.M., and you can control the number of status fields you wish to display in each window. As this is a Client Server set up so you can have many Client workstations connected to and monitoring/controlling the E.O.M. Application, which is running as an Windows Service.

Enterprise Output Manager is designed to run automatically. Operators simply use the E.O.M. client interface to monitor and manage incoming and outgoing files and jobs. For example, they can choose which files to print based on which paper is in the printer, and they