Print Distribution

You can automatically distribute print file information to thousands of network locations, getting information closer to users and to lower-cost distribution points. Enterprise Output Manager provides an interface to route print jobs to different places, such as network printers, e-mail addresses, LAN directories, or host queues. By keeping valuable corporate data online and not printing volumes of sensitive data, you greatly reduce the risk of inappropriate use. Enterprise Output Manager can also send a print file to any printer that has a Windows print driver, and the output will be the same across different manufacturers printers, providing they are of the similar feature specification. Another way to save money.

Automatically Distribute Data Through the Web
You can use the Output Manager Web Assistant to post PDF, HTML, text files, and other file types on a Web page. From there, the files can be downloaded and viewed. This method works well for automatically placing specific data processed through the Enterprise Output Manager file-masking feature onto an intranet Web page, or for posting less-sensitive information to an Internet Web site where it can be accessed by the general public. There is search screen where your