What Is Enterprise Output Manager?

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Save money in the future by purchasing Unisys Enterprise Output Manager now, to replace all those other Print Formatting and Distribution software packages. You get online print distribution, printing, and document reengineering in a single Windows-based application.

Enterprise Output Manager (E.O.M.) is a Windows-based application that delivers information where you need it, in a format you can use. You can "unfreeze" application output files produced from most platforms, such as Unisys ClearPath Plus, Windows, IBM, Sun Microsystems, HP, UNIX, and Linux. With Enterprise Output Manager, you can automatically customize and send selected output file data to the destination of your choice: PC, file server, mainframe, email system (for example, MS Outlook or Lotus Notes), fax, CD/DVD, XML file, printer, Web site, PDF file, customer-written program, or software application. In summary, the Enterprise Output Manager information delivery strategy creates many opportunities to reduce costs and improve productivity.

E.O.M. distributes information directly to users, around the world.

It accommodates both distributed and centralized print and data delivery needs. You can use Enterprise Output Manager to customize and distribute/print your data to thousands of network locations. To minimize high-volume printing and distribution costs, any E.O.M. site can send large print jobs to high-speed printers that are located at the distribution centers. You can set up E.O.M. so that, for files meeting your criteria, all such operations are automatic.

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Enterprise Output Manager Capabilities Overview.

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Enterprise Output Manager Capabilities Overview.