Want I.T. Consulting
P.O.Box 80
Masterton     5888
New Zealand

Tel:  +64 6 377 1446
Mobile:  021 0376 182
Email:  info@wantitconsulting.co.nz
If you require any assistance with E.O.M. please contact me at the Email  Address above. I have worked with Enterprise Output manager since 1998. I have trained a number of customers in New Zealand and two in Australia. Currently I do mainly services type work. A customer gives me a Specification for an E.O.M. job they want done. I prefer to provide a quote  for work to be done as we then both know where we stand regards costs. With E.O.M. I am able to do all of the work from home, then send you the configuration to be installed. However you do need to have some knowledge of E.O.M. to be able to import and set up the supplied configuration.