Chart Designer - Overview

Chart Designer give you the oportunity to convey information in a very concise way. A picture conveys a thousand words , as the saying goes.
Chart Designer is an independent menu driven executable that enables you to design and modify chart templates. Chart Designer also comes with a set of example chart templates. These templates are saved in .cdt file format. Using Chart Designer you can define the actual characteristics of a chart, such as Chart type, Colors, Title, and so on. The designed chart template is referred in the DrawChart command of the Enterprise Output Manager DDA to generate chart output. The chart templates are also available for any output generated by a print job using the Windows Driver. The following are the supported key features:

  35 distinct chart types, including the common   Area,     Bar,    Column, Line, Pie, and Point   charts

  3D support for most chart types

  Customizable titles, legends, and labels

  Automatic and manual scaling, and alignment

  Support for multiple chart areas in one chart

 On the right is an example of 3D Clustered Cylinder   chart.